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Essential oil Lemon 15ml

Sale price$16.00
Lemon is synonymous to citrus nowadays. Although it is to be noted that lemon is just one of the many fruits that are citrusy in nature. This is all because of the wide and varied usage of lemon around the globe. There would be hardly any area where the goodness of lemon is not experienced on a daily basis. Lemon essential oil is extracted from the rind of the fruit, also sometimes from the leaves of the plant. Lemon is known to provide freshness and rejuvenation to the mind and body. Other than its health benefits, lemon essential oil is the best natural cleaning agent. It kills bacteria, it removes stains easily, and it leaves a refreshingly soothing smell for a long time.
Essential oil Lemon 15ml
Essential oil Lemon 15ml Sale price$16.00