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Essential oil Lemongrass 15ml

Sale price$10.00
Lemongrass is a very beneficial herb, and it has been in use since the ice ages. Its earlier use was to treat bacterial diseases and fungal issues. Anxiety and stress were also countered using lemongrass in ancient Greek civilization. Lemongrass is very rich in anti-bacterial and antifungal compounds which makes it effective for our body and good for the environment. Lemongrass essential oil has a citrusy aroma that stimulates a feeling of freshness and lightness. It benefits our mental health and has been found to have a positive impact on people looking for inspiration and motivation in their life. Lemongrass essential oil has antihistamine properties that help in keeping nasal congestion at bay.
Essential oil Lemongrass 15ml
Essential oil Lemongrass 15ml Sale price$10.00