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Essential oil Cypress 15ml

Sale price$18.00
Once used to make Flamenco guitars, the essential oil-rich wood is naturally resistant to insects, chemical corrosion and other damaging elements and, when combined with branches and burned, releases the balsamic fumes believed to purify the respiratory system. Is an exceptionally vibrant essential oil. It has a fresh, woody, resinous, balsamic aroma with a faint smoky undertone. The oil is highly valued in medicine. It is observed that hemorrhoids, swollen veins around the rectum and anus, can be treated with certain essential oils. When added with a carrier oil and applied to hemorrhoids, cypress oil may help in providing soothing effects on the area. The antibacterial properties, is antimicrobialand antibacterial, it can help clean and heal cuts and wounds.
Essential oil Cypress 15ml
Essential oil Cypress 15ml Sale price$18.00