Chocolate Mint Shampoo (Thermal Water)



Sulfate-free shampoo, with natural ingredients for hair care, specially formulated based on Thermal Water, Cocoa Butter and Pure Chocolate, which provides minerals and vitamins, helps moisturize the hair and control oil. In addition, it contains a Mint
Infusion that helps strengthen the hair root, helps reduce hair loss and improve hair growth, providing shine and life. At the same time it leaves a sensation of freshness in the scalp.

300 mL (10 fl oz)


Ingredients We Love

Coconut Oil, Premium Costa Rican Cocoa Butter, Mint Extract, Thermo-mineral Water from Arenal Volcano.

Non-tangible active ingredient: excellent human energy 😉

Full List of Ingredients

Thermal Water, Sarcosinate, Mint Extract, Bitter Chocolate, Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, Cocoamide DEA, Glycerin, Tetraestearate Pentaerythyl, Capric Glyceride, Sodium Benzoate.


Apply on wet hair giving a light massage on the scalp and rinse with plenty of water, you can repeat the application if desired, then apply the Thermal Conditioner and get better results.

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