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About Us



Biosfera was born in 2007 in La Fortuna, Costa Rica in the North Region, at the Arenal Volcano slopes; in a country that breathes green. With only 0.04% of the earth’s surface, Costa Rica has 4% of worldwide biopersity.

We cultivate most of our natural ingredients in the farm that we have around our laboratory, we have the privilege of having a spring of pure spring water very close, that allows us to use a water of the highest quality, to achieve products with the best components truly.

It’s inspired in the art of living and in the traditional techniques of our ancestors to create self-care products in harmony with nature, but with very high quality standards.

Our goal is that you can detox your skin with our Honestly Natural products, focused in wellbeing, health and alternative medicine, using thermal waters, volcanic muds, native organic fruits, roots, spices, sea water from our shores, thermo-mineral water and other 100% natural raw material from Costa Rican lands.

In this product you’ll experience the purity and freshness of the landscapes that surround us, so breathe in and relax because you’ll treat your skin with honesty.

In all our creations you’ll experience the purity and freshness of the landscapes that surround us, so breathe in and relax because you’ll treat your skin with honesty.

Our founder

María Laura Quesada Castro, a Costa Rican woman, beautician and spa therapist at the beginning, knows the wellness world very well, a former Costa Rican ambassador to Termatalia, Spain; having a great contribution to the growth of the thermal industry in Costa Rica, hand in hand with government organizations, for sure since 2007 she has been ensured that Biosfera maintains its essence.

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Sustainable developments for health, wellness and personal care, handmade by taking advantage of biodynamic agriculture to obtain the best natural benefits of a country such as Costa Rica, rich in tropical fruits, herbs, sea waters, hot springs, spring waters and botanical ingredients, and be able to formulate the hydrolates, oleates, extracts and powdered seeds (natural exfoliating particles), generating heavenly experiences, with aromas, textures and colors, stimulating all the senses and achieving real results, all in balance with the nature, honestly natural.


Awards & Certifications


World Luxury Spa Awards

About the World Luxury Spa Awards

Established in 2010, the World Luxury Spa Awards is the pinnacle of achievement in the luxury spa industry offering international recognition as voted for by guests, travelers and industry players alike. Over 250,000 international travelers vote each year during a four-week period to select the winners. Luxury spas have the opportunity to participate in the World Luxury Spa Awards by entering categories that showcase their unique selling points, destinations and facilities.


essential COSTA RICA is our country brand. That’s how Costa Rica projects itself to the world, integrally promoting tourism, investment, and exports, along with Costa Rican culture and uniqueness.

essential COSTA RICA works based on two concepts:

Country positioning: We show the characteristics that distinguish us as Costa Ricans: “Pura Vida,” charismatic, hardworking, specialized, and talented.

Country competitiveness: With the aim of fulfilling the promise we have made to the world, we guarantee that the companies that use the country brand represent our values: Excellence, Sustainability, Innovation, Social Progress, and Costa Rican Origin.


The World Quality Commitment Award represents the long- standing commitment and tradition of Excellence, achieved by 
companies and organizations from all over the world, who have proven to be fully dedicated to pursuing Continuous Improvement.

This commitment is shown by the use of Quality Culture core ideas and philosophies in their daily operations as well as the express implementation, by management, of Total Customer Satisfaction, as a fundamental goal of the entirety of its stakeholders.

This award shows the willingness and proactive intention of the organization or company receiving it to work following international standards, to respect and actively pursue quality goals, to rank itself internationally and to promote, educate and train its entire staff in the ideas and values of Excellence.


Press about Biosfera

The Lush Life

"...chosen for its organic focus, Comfort Zone serves as the spa’s skincare line. Biosfera, a Costa Rican bodycare company created by spa therapist Maria Laura Quesada Castro, fulfilled the spa’s desire for a local line" Click here to read original post...


Costa Rica's Best Resorts -- From Pérez Zeledón To Papagayo

"...Spas at both Four Seasons and Andaz use natural Costa Rican skincare line Biosfera in various treatments, with products custom-made with local indigenous ingredients for each" Click here to read original post...


Under the Costa Rican Sun

"...Local is big in the Onda Spa, too: With a focus on natural and locally sourced products, the spa employs organic Costa Rican line Biosfera for some treatments, while custom-made bamboo tubes are used in several massages" Click here to read original post...



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Biosfera se amplía con nuevos productos

"...Nuestros clientes pidieron este tipo de artículos, ya que tradicionalmente son creados para mujeres, por eso incorporamos un catálogo creado exclusivamente para hombres”, dijo Maria Laura Quesada, propietaria de Biosfera." Click here to read original post...