Dry Skin Facial Kit



Tight, rough skin with an itchy sensation and flaking.

Dry to very dry skin is initially manifested by an unpleasant sensation on the face and body, especially after bathing. As it is poorly nourished, the skin does not effectively fulfill its barrier function.

It is a rather uncomfortable condition, the skin is tight, feels rough, and the application of suitable products helps to mitigate the discomfort.

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Non-tangible active ingredient: excellent human energy 😉

1- Cleansing cream wash: Refreshing and incomparable face cleansing cream wash, ultra light on skin contact, completely eliminates impurities and makeup, leaving your skin perfectly clean, soft and beautiful.

Size: 250 mL (8.45 fl oz)

2- Quartz facial scrub: This incredible natural exfoliating, ideal for removing excess oil, impurities and dead epidermal cells, preventing clogged pores. It allows to stop the wear of the skin, avoiding aging, wrinkles and withered skin. It can be used on different types of skin because it is formulated with oat and green tea extracts.

Size: 80 g (2.8 oz)

3- Chamomile face tonic: Chamomile flower hydrolate that hydrates the skin immediately. They contain witch hazel extract and Aloe Vera pulp, which due to its natural regeneration characteristics is recommended for dry skin types, even sensitive skin. It is also enriched with essential oils that help balance the pH levels in the skin, remove excess oil and shine, reduce the size of pores and redness.

Size: 120 mL ( 4 fl oz )

4- Avocado Mask: Ideal for dry skin due to its high avocado content, which has antioxidants that help improve elasticity when absorbed by the skin, making it look healthier and rejuvenated. It moisturizes the skin and makes it soft, due to its content of oleic acid.

Size: 100 g (3.5 oz)

5- St. John's Wort Oil Serum: Natural moisturizing and revitalizing serum formulated from an St John's Wort Oleate, which due to its high tannin content is a natural antiseptic, promoting wound healing, allowing a considerable reduction of injuries or marks on the face (skin marks, acne, blemishes, wrinkles, etc.), as well as redness and irritation.

Size: 30 mL (1 fl. oz)

6- Herbal lotion (7 herbs infusion): Natural, wrinkle preventing, moisturizing, rich on cranberry stem cells cream helps preventing and reversing the skin’s photoaging caused by IR and UV radiation. It also provides protection against blue light.

Size: 60 mL (2 fl oz)

Eco Friendly



Not tested on animals

Gluten free


100% Natural

Paraben free


Hand made

About Biosfera

Biosfera was born in 2007 in La Fortuna, Costa Rica in the North Region, at the Arenal Volcano slopes; in a country that breathes green.

We cultivate most of our natural ingredients in the farm that we have around our laboratory, we have the privilege of having a spring of pure spring water very close, that allows us to use a water of the highest quality, to achieve products with the best components truly.

It’s inspired in the art of living and in the traditional techniques of our ancestors to create self-care products in harmony with nature, but with very high quality standards.

In all our creations you’ll experience the purity and freshness of the landscapes that surround us, so breathe in and relax because you’ll treat your skin with honesty.

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