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It’s a natural exfoliant with Pulverized Quartz ideal to clean the skin from germs, dead cells, and dust. It has to be used softly rubbing it on the skin, they have the characteristic that they stop skin wear, avoiding aging, wrinkles, and withered skin. It is used for different skin types since it’s designed with Azulene and Green Tea.

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The refreshing and incomparable 2-in-1 Biosfera cream made with Spring water from Costa Rican forests, cleansing and moisturizing, ultra-light in contact with skin, completely eliminates impurities, excess oil and makeup, leaving your skin perfectly clean, soft and beautiful. Our STAR product.

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The soursop contains an important antioxidant that helps in tissue regeneration, reducing again caused by free radicals and protecting cellular DNA. It also contains anthocyanin with promotes collagen formation, improves blood flow, detoxifies the skin and had anti-inflammatory properties. 

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items