A Carbon-Clear company was born in 2007 at the Arenal Volcano slopes in Costa Rica, inspired in the art of living and in in the technical traditions of our ancestors to create beauty products in harmony with nature, looking for well-being, health, and alternative medicine, using thermal water, volcanic muds, native organic fruit, roots, spices, seawater from our coasts, thermal and mineral water, and other 100% natural raw material from Costa Rican grounds.


Carbono Neutro


C-Neutral is the balance between the quantification of the emissions and the reduction actions and removal/compensation of greenhouse effect gases of an organization in a verifiable period of time.
In an organization, reduction is made with actions and/or optimization projects and exploitation of alternative energy sources of the organization and its surroundings.
In an organization, removal/compensation is made with the protection of forests or establishing specific projects that show the capture of CO2 through photosynthetic activity.
Organization and social level advantages of being Carbon-Clear with an accredited organism are the following:

  • Reduce operative costs by having control of emissions (fuel and electricity).
  • Generate new markets for consumers who wish to acquire goods or services produced with environmental awareness.
  • Improve the use and reuse of residues when they can be transformed into energy to use in their organization.
  • Strengthen the accountability by considering environmental aspects of consumption of polluting energetic supplies.
  • It allows presenting to the organizations that are satisfied with the environment and reaches success to reduce climatic change.
  • It encourages the operation and development of a low-on-carbon-emissions national economy. It inspires trust by guaranteeing that the service has been evaluated by an independent and competent organism.
  • It’s a way of awareness about the necessity of continuous improving.
  • It improves team work ability.
  • Human well-being and development for the population.

The Carbon Print of the Aura Spa Products Laboratory for the reported period of time was of -26 metric tons of CO2e. This means that the company removed more carbon from the atmosphere than it was produced during that period of time. While the Aura Spa Products Laboratory generated 7 metric tons of CO2e for general commercial operations, the areas with forest coverage of the company took away 33 metric tons of CO2e, generating in last resort, a net removal of 26 metric tons of CO2e.

Considering that Aura Spa Products Laboratory is a net negative carbon emissary the company isn’t obligated to reduce its carbon print emissions further to accomplish the carbon neutrality certification. Therefore, the goal of this plan is to provide a general view of the current reduction efforts and point towards the areas where the company will keep looking for improvement in the carbon rate.

Country Brand, Essential Costa Rica


As you know, in Biosfera we have worried since the beginning about doing things right, but it’s worthless if it isn’t guaranteed by organizations that evaluate us and confirm everything we say, and help us improve.

When you use our products, you are certain that our environmental impact is practically zero, since we are the first phytocosmetic laboratory of Costa Rica in getting the European Carbon-Clear certification.
But besides, we proudly carry 5 standards:

  • Sustainability, the commitment to satisfy present generations’ needs without jeopardizing the possibilities of future’s to attend to their own needs.
  • Excellence, superior quality or added value makes a product, service or organization worthy of special appreciation and respect.
  • Costa Rican origin, a link exists between the services and the products with the country.
  • Social progress, there’s capacity of an organization to launch the satisfaction of the basic needs of its collaborators.
  • Since our origins we have also worried about these standards, however now Biosfera is proud to be guaranteed and certified in these and other aspects by Procomer and now be Country Brand “Costa Rica Essential”.

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